Year 2017 Term Fall Day Tuesday Period 2 Credit 2 Code 313
Course Title Development Politics II
Program Program in Governance and Law
Instructor(s) Okada, Isamu
Purpose & Description

This course aims at arguing one of the most important aspects of development politics: institution. Recently institution has been widely employed by many social scientists as the concept that occupies the center of analysis. The role of the State and its different organizational levels and "capacities" has also been questioned over the last decades. In this course, we discuss how institution has become one of the fundamental perspectives to understand political processes, policy outcomes and varieties of political phenomena. We will review both classical and recent works that directly tackled institutional aspects of politics, so as to comprehend and critically argue the most recent development of theories as well as their possible application in empirical analysis. All participants are required to read the designated course materials in advance, and actively participate in the discussion of each class.


1. Introduction

2. Discovering Institution

3. How Important Institution

4. Equilibrium, Power, or Isomorphism

5. Institutional Effect

6. Cause of Institution

7-8. Micro-Level Foundation of Institution

9-10. State Building

11. War and State Making

11-12. Resource and State Building

13.Underdevelopment as an Equilibrium

14-15. Intentional Lack of Rule Enforcement

Texts & References

The course materials are to be announced in the first class


Attendance & Participation: 50% Presentation: 20% Final Report: 30%

Language(s) for instruction & discussion; Others