Year 2017 Term Intensive Day Period Credit 2 Code 108
Course Title Development Assistance
Major Common Subjects
Instructor(s) Hiroshi Takeuchi
Purpose & Description

This course will introduce the policies and practices of Japan’s Official Development Assistance (ODA) on current hot issues in the subject of infrastructure development such as transportation and urban development, regional development, global environment including climate change, environmental management, disaster risk reduction, trends and topics in recent development cooperation, and etc.


Some lecturers will offer the lecture through their practical experiences related to the above subjects.

The student is given the assignment of both report and presentation. There are some presentation/report themes presented by the lecturers, which are related to the above subjects, and each student need to choose one out of the presented themes and make presentation (individual or group) in the latter part of this course and also submit the report on the chosen theme after presentation.


(1) Introduction: Overview of Japan’s ODA and JICA

(2) Infrastructure Development

(3) Urban Development

(4) Environmental Management

(5) Climate Change

(6) Disaster Risk Reduction

(7) Recent Trend in International Development

(8) Developemnt Partnership with Emerging Donors

(9) New Aid Architecture

(10) Presentation

Texts & References

All documents indispensable for the lectures will be provided in the form of “Power Point” print-out at class. Some books/documents hereunder may help your understanding even after the lectures.

Recommended books/articles to follow up this course.

(1)  White Paper on Development Cooperation 2015

(2)  JICA Annual Report 2016

(3)  Some of JICA Brochures


Attendance and Report and/or Final Presentation at the last day 

Language(s) for instruction & discussion; Others