Year 2017 Term Spring Day Monday Period 5 Credit 2 Code 332
Course Title Development Sociology
Program Program in Social Development and Culture
Instructor(s) Ito
Purpose & Description
This course introduces students to basic theories and approaches in development studies. We begin by examining how development has been conceptualized, measured, and approached by the international development community. This is followed by the review of classical theories of development to examine the roles of the market and the state in promoting development. We try particularly to understand the theories of modernization and underdevelopment, the two major currents of thought that explore the causes of why nations stay poor. We then examine how anthropologists view ‘development’ and what contributions they have made to the evolution of development studies. We also examine how the conventional understanding of ‘development’ and ‘development studies’ is being challenged more recently with the adoption of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) at the United Nations. Lastly, we discuss some of the current issues in international development. By the end of this course, students should be able to: i) understand the evolution of development theories and ii) articulate their views concerning current development issues.

1.Introduction 2.What is development? 3.What is the purpose of development studies? 4.Theories of development - 1 5.Theories of development - 2 6.Post-development and alternatives to development 7.SDGs and a new era of development cooperation 8.Environment and development 9.Globalization and development 10.Gender and development 11.Civil society and development 12.Business and development 13.Development and health 14.New issues and approaches 15.The future of development and development studies

Texts & References
1. Edelman, M. and A. Haugerud, eds. 2010. The Anthropology of Development and Globalization: From Classical Political Economy to Contemporary Neoliberalism. Oxford: 2005. 2. Haslam, P. A., J. Schafer, and P. Beaudet, eds. 2012. Introduction to International Development: Approaches, Actors, and Issues. Second ed. Ontario: Oxford University Press. 3. Sumner, A. and M. Tribe. 2008. International Development Studies: Theories and Methods in Research and Practice. Los Angeles: Sage.

Term paper (70%) and contribution to classroom discussions

Language(s) for instruction & discussion; Others