Year 2017 Term Spring Day Monday Period 2 Credit 2 Code 322
Course Title Peacebuilding
Program Program in Peacebuilding
Instructor(s) Nishikawa
Purpose & Description

This course introduces key concepts and issues related to peacebuilding in conflict-prone and post-conflict societies. It aims to examine central challenges in peacebuilding as part of development cooperation – both in terms of theory and practice. The course is comprised of three parts. Part I explores frameworks for peacebuilding. In so doing, students will be equipped with some conflict analysis and impact assessment tools. Part II explores three basic strategies commonly seen in peacebuilding: a) humanitarian/emergency response, b) institutionalization, and c) societal reconstruction.  Part III focuses on cross-sector issues, exploring some foundational themes for sustainable peace.  


Infomed during the first class. The first class of 2017 is on 24 April.

Texts & References

Informed during the first class.

 Informed during the first class

Language(s) for instruction & discussion; Others