Year 2017 Term canceled Day Period Credit 2 Code 111
Course Title Theory on Non-Governmental Organizations
Major Common Subjects
Instructor(s) (Vis.)
Purpose & Description
This course examines the NGOs and Civil Society in development and other issues in the world, 
how they have grown and developed, furthermore present condition and challenges. Practical 
management of NGOs value and skill will be also introduced to understand NGOs functions. 
To go through the each value and fact, various practical cases will be used, and students will be 
encouraged to discuss  and debate about each issues to understand.

Session 1 Introduction 
Session 2 What are NGOs/Civil Society?
Session 3 Why people try to help others
Session 4 Think the NGO's origin from UK's history
Session 5 NGOs and Development theory 
Session 6 NGOs and Rural development and group formation
Session 7 NGOs and Empowerment or PRA or PLA
Session 8 Adjustment and Questions 
Session 9 NGOs and Fiartrade
Session 10 NGOs and Advocacy
Session 12 NGOs and Fund-Rasing (1)
Session 13 NGOs and Fund-Rasing (2) 
Session 14 NGOs and Corporation
Session 15 Presentation Essay submitting

*The class schedule can be flexible to student’s needs and

Texts & References
The text and materials will be supplied by Shimosawa each time.

Participation and contribution 25%
Group work 25%
Terminal presentation and academic essay 50%

Language(s) for instruction & discussion; Others
The medium of instruction is basically English.