Year 2017 Term Fall Day Wednesday Period 3 Credit 2 Code 102
Course Title Japan’s Development Experience
Major Common Subjects
Instructor(s) Ohashi, Ueda (Coord.)
Purpose & Description

This course examines the development and modernization process of Japan from various perspectives, including both positive and negative. Lecturers from different disciplines deal with issues such as economy, law, governments, agricultural/rural development, education, social development, peace-building, etc. Participants will understand the crucial issues pertaining to Japan's development experience, and consider the adaptability of this experience to other countries.


Please note that the followings are tentative and subject to change.
Oct.4 Introduction
Oct.11 Economic Development I
Oct.18 Economic Development II
Oct.25 Governance and Law I
Nov.1 Governance and Law II
Nov.8 Education and Human Resource Development I
Nov.15 Education and Human Resource Development II
Nov.22 Peace-building I
Nov.29 Peace-building II
Dec.6 Agricultural/Rural Development I
Dec.13 Agricultural/Rural Development I
Dec.20 Social Development I
Jan 17 Social Development II

Jan.24 Wrap-up Session I, II

*More details will be provided during the first session on October 4.

Texts & References

Reading materials will be distributed through NUCT system


Class participation and 3 comment papers.

Language(s) for instruction & discussion; Others

Guideline of Class Management
1. Do not come late for the class. Closing time for marking the Attendance Sheet will be 13:05.
2. Plagiarism in your comment paper will lead to “no credit”.
3. The comment paper should be submitted before starting the next session. If you will be absent for an unavoidable reason, ask your friends to submit. Submission of comment paper through e-mail is not accepted. Please do not forget writing your ID number and name on your comment paper every time.
4. The reading materials will be given in the previous session in principle. Please read them before you come to the class.
5. If your comment paper is selected as the best comment in prospective session, you are expected to make a short presentation at the wrap up session. 

Special Notices for NUPACE Students
1. Only credit taking students can register for this class (Auditing is not allowed).
2. Special consideration in grading for undergraduate students will not be given.
3. “The attendance ratio” in the grade reports to NUPACE office will be calculated including the first and the last session, whereas the first day is excluded from grading.