Year 2017 Term Year Day Friday Period 3 Credit 1 Code 215
Course Title Seminar on Economic Development Policy and Management Ia,Ib,IIa,IIb
Major DID
Program Program in Economic Development Policy and Management
Instructor(s) Umemura
Purpose & Description

The main theme of this seminar is Sustainable Tourism Development in Developing Countries from community to international level.

Seminar I for M1, II for M2 will be the joint class. Both M1 and M2 students have to attend two classes. Also DC students will join this class. All students are expected to make presentations according to their research theme and progress by rotation (more than two presentations for one semester).  Students registered this seminar should take the Lecture on Sustainable Tourism Development.


Introduction and management of this seminar

Basics of Tourism Economics and Development

Presentations of Research Plan by students (M1, M2 and DC) and discussions

Ⅳ.Presentation of research progress by students (M1, M2 and DC) and discussions

Texts & References

Charles R. Goeldner and J. R.Brent Ritchie, 2012, Tourism Princeples, Practices, Philosophies Twelfth Edition, WILEY, ISBN:978-1-118-07177-9.

James Mak, 2004, TOURISM AND THE RCONOMY, University of Hawaii Press, ISBN:0-8248-2789-9.

Reports and discussion papers by UN and related agencies.

World Development Indicators, Key Indicators (ADB), Other statistics related to your topics.


Attendance: 50%                Presentation: 50%

Language(s) for instruction & discussion; Others

Laguage: English

Office : GSID room 804, Phone: 098- 895-4962 ext:4962


​Office hours: Monday 13:00-1600, Tuseday 10:00-12:00