Year 2017 Term Fall Day Monday Period 3 Credit 2 Code 130
Course Title Academic Writing Skills II
Major Common Subjects
Instructor(s) Peddie
Purpose & Description

Academic Writing Skills II consolidates and expands on the writing skills learned in Academic Writing Skills I while also focusing on more specific issues relating to academic writing, such as document formats and style guides, citing and footnoting, and avoiding plagiarism. Another goal is to familiarize students with a number of different essay formats, such as contrastive essays and argumentative essays. Within each topic of study we will also examine certain grammar-related problems that frequently occur. Students will use their own course assignments as the basis for in-class and homework assignments with the goal of improving the quality of their work prior to submission for examination.

Note: Students who have not taken Academic Writing Skills I are eligible to take this course but may find it difficult, as they will not have the same background knowledge as students who have taken AWS I. The course instructor recommends that students take AWS I before taking this class whenever possible. Please consult with the instructor before registering if you have not completed AWS I. 

  1.               Introduction to the course, course outline, q & a, talking about individual problems,        Review of paragraph and essay structure short diagnostic writing assignment

    2.          Plagiarism and use of sources (exercises)

    3.          Style guides and formatting (exercises)

    4.          Comparative essay structure and key points; begin work on outline in class

    5.          Peer review workshop

    6.          Argumentative essay structure and key points; begin work on outline in class (comparative essay due)

    7.          Peer review workshop

    8.          Making critiques and conducting a literature review; examining a literature review model; begin work on outline in class (argumentative essay due)

    9.          Literature review open session

    10.        Peer review workshop

    11.        Workshopping one term paper (Short literature review due)

    12.        Course review and in-class reflective essay


Texts & References

Cooley, Linda and Jo Lewkowicz. (2003). Dissertation Writing in Practice: Turning Ideas into Text. Hong Kong: Hong Kong University Press.

Bailey, Stephen. (2011). Academic Writing: A handbook for international students (3rd edition). Routledge

Note that it is not necessary to buy these books.


Comparative essay    20%

Argumentative essay    20%

Literature review    25%

Reflective essay   10%

Attendance and participation   25%

Note: The evaluation basis is subject to change.

Language(s) for instruction & discussion; Others

This course will be conducted in English.