Year 2017 Term Intensive Day Period Credit 2 Code 106
Course Title GSID Domestic Fieldwork
Major Common Subjects
Instructor(s) N. Shinkai (Coord.)
Purpose & Description

   国際開発国内実地研修実習(DFW)は、日本の地域開発の実態を理解するために、10月18日(水)から20日(金)に実地研修(フィールド調査)を実施し、その後、現地報告会を行います。今年度の調査地は愛知県豊田市です。参加者はテーマごとにグループに分かれ、地域の問題を検討し、事前に情報を収集し、調査地の抱える課題の把握に努めます。収集された事前情報、事前調査に基づき、各グループは研究計画を作り、聞取り調査票等を準備し、実地調査に臨みます。実地調査では、町内関係者や関係諸機関を訪問し、聞取り調査を行います。実地調査結果は実地研修報告書としてまとめられ、電子データ媒体で関係者に配布されます。  本授業科目の受講者は、「国際開発国内実地研修特論」も履修すること。


GSID Domestic Fieldwork (DFW) is a fielwork course which is designed for participating students to understand current issues on regional development in Japan. The course is composed of several parts: preparatory lectures, understanding of research tools, field interviews, analysis of findings, writing group reports, and presentations to the stakeholders. DFW for this year is scheduled to be conducted from October 18 until October 20, 2017. We will visit Toyota city, Aichi Prefecture. Students will be divided into different thematic groups according to their research interests. Students are expected to write up group reports based on the findings from their group work and present those findings to stakeholders after the completion of the analyses. Those who are taking this course for credit should enroll in Preparatory Seminar for GSID DFW. 

  The schedule for DFW has been changed due to the emerging event in the fieldwork site. The new DFW schedule is from October 16 until October 18, 2017. Thank you very much for your acknowledgement (June, 2017). 



実地研修の詳細は、4月中旬までに、以下のDFWイントラネットサイトに掲示する。 Please visit the following intranet site for more details about DFW after mid-April.


Texts & References

その都度、紹介する。 References will be introduced during the course.


レポート 50%、貢献度 50% Group report 50%,Participation 50%

Language(s) for instruction & discussion; Others

English and Japanese