Year 2017 Term canceled Day Monday Period 2 Credit 2 Code 219
Course Title Regional Development Planning
Major DID
Program Program in Rural and Regional Development
Instructor(s) Okada, Aya
Purpose & Description

This interdisciplinary course focuses on the sub-national region as a socioeconomic development unit, and considers various issues related to regional development in the context of developing countries. The course first introduces basic theories and concepts concerning regional development planning, and then discusses contemporary issues and policies pertinent to promoting regional social and economic development from a political economy perspective. Topics covered in this course include urbanization, rural-urban linkages, community development, regional disparities, urban labor markets, regional industrial clusters development, and regional innovation systems.


Course Outline and Readings (Those marked with * are required readings; and others optional):
Session 1: Introduction & Overview
Session 2: Urbanization and Rural-Urban Linkages
Session 3: Slums and Urban Poverty
Session 4: No Class (National Holiday)
Session 5: Neighborhood and Community Development and Organizing
Session 6: The Informal Economy
Session 7: Urban Labor Markets
Session 8: Local Governance
Session 9: Local Public Services
Session 10: Regional Growth
Session 11: Regional Disparities
Session 12: Industrial and Regional Restructuring
Session 13: Regional Industrial Agglomeration and Clusters
Session 14 : Regional Innovation Systems and Learning Regions
Session 15: Final Exam.

Texts & References

A detailed reading list will be distributed in class. Students are expected to have read the required readings before coming to the class.


To complete the course, students must actively participate in classroom discussions, and complete a final paper. Grades are assessed based on class participation (10%), individual presentation and a short paper (20%), and a final exam. (70%).

Language(s) for instruction & discussion; Others