Year 2017 Term Fall Day Thursday Period 2 Credit 2 Code 210
Course Title Sustainable Tourism and Development
Major DID
Program Program in Economic Development Policy and Management
Instructor(s) Tetsuo UMEMURA
Purpose & Description

The main theme of this lecture is “Tourism and Development” and “Economy of Tourism”, more specifically, Sustainable Tourism Development in Developing Countries, from community to international levels. Tourism as an economic activity might be helpful or harmful for tourism destinations and local people.

The objectives of this lecture are to understand both positive and negative effects of tourism promotion / development with sustainable manner.

This lecture includes various aspects not only economic but also social and other aspects of tourism. An introductory textbook will be used. Also various cases studies of tourism developments will be discussed with students.


I. Introduction of the lecture and discussion about Tourism as an engine of economic development.

II. The basic concept of Sustainable Tourism (Economic, Social and Environmental aspects)

III. Tourism Economy (tourism market)

IV. The demand side of tourism (Tourists)

V. The supply side of tourism (tourism related entities)

VI. The Host Community

VII. Case studies based on the presentations by students

Texts & References

Text book :

James Mak, 2004, TOURISM AND THE ECONOMY, University of Hawaii Press, ISBN:0-8248-2789-9.


Charles R. Goeldner and J. R.Brent Ritchie, 2012, Tourism Princeples, Practices, Philosophies Twelfth Edition, WILEY, ISBN:978-1-118-07177-9.

Varuous reports by UNWTO.


Attendance: 10%                Presentation: 50%               Term paper; 40%

Language(s) for instruction & discussion; Others


Students are required to make presentations.