Year 2017 Term Intensive Day Wednesday Period 4 Credit 2 Code 104
Course Title GSID Overseas Fieldwork
Major Common Subjects
Instructor(s) Ueda (Coord.)
Purpose & Description

The Overseas Fieldwork Program (OFW) of GSID aims at providing students with an opportunity to gain first-hand experiences of conducting fieldworks in a developing country and to enhance communication skills based on group work. In the past, overseas fieldworks were conducted in Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines, China, South Korea, and Cambodia. In 2017, this program will be conducted in Cambodia in collaboration with the Royal University of Phnom Penh. All the OFW participants are required to take the Preparatory Seminar for GSID Overseas Fieldwork for credit.


The 2017 OFW will be carried out in August in Cambodia. Detailed fieldwork schedule will be announced in due course.


Texts & References

Supplementary materials will be provided in the OFW guidance in April, the Preparatory Seminar for GSID OFW, and pre-departure seminar in August.



Grades will be assessed based on the quality of group work, group presentations, and field research report which is expected to be submitted in November 2017.


Language(s) for instruction & discussion; Others