Year 2017 Term Intensive Day Period Credit 2 Code 206
Course Title Development Planning and Policy
Major DID
Program Program in Economic Development Policy and Management
Instructor(s) Hayashi (Vis.)
Purpose & Description


International Public Policy encompasses development policies of developing countries and aid policies of donor countries and international organizations. The aim of the lecture is to understand comprehensively challenges developing countries face as well as examine and propose solutions to them. The lecture also aims at obtaining holistic knowledge and idea on development instead of these divide by sectors and disciplines, which are relevant to both developing and developed countries.



As development policies of recipients and aid or development assistance policies of donors share same objective as well as concepts, ideas and methods to reduce poverty and to enhance welfare of people in developing countries, the lecture discuss both development and assistance policies in an integrated way. The first three lectures will discuss basic concepts and their Historical development. The fourth lecture discuses major actors in international development policies, followed by Challenges in major sectors (the 5th to 8th) and cross-cutting issues (the 9th to 14th). The 15th lecture tries to evaluate outcomes of the Millenium Development Goals and discusses on challenges of Sustainable Development Goals after 2015.




1. Basic definitions and concepts of International Public Policy for Development

2. International framework for International Public Policy for Development

3. Brief history of International Public Policy for Development

4. Major actors of International Public Policy for Development

5. Development of Industry (Is manufacturing still a Driving Force for Development?)

6. Development of Agriculture (Policy Coherence)

7. Development of Infrastructure (Role of the MDBs and the new AIIB)

8. Education and Public Health (Sector-wide Approach)

9. Structural Adjustment and Social Dimensions of Adjustment

10. Social Protection and Poverty Alleviation

11. Evaluation of International Public Policy for Development

12. Modalities of Aid (Grant and/or Loan)

Bridging Plan and Implementation (Public Financial Management)

13. Knowledge Management for International Public Policy for Development

14. Aid Harmonization and Ownership of developing Courtiers (Donors vs. Recipients)

Politics behind Aid Harmonization.

15. From MDGs to SDGs


Texts & References

An original text will be provided.

References will be instructed during the lectures.


Understanding on basic concept, actors, methodologies as effectiveness and constraints of the International Policy for Development will be evaluated. Evaluation will be based on activeness of participation and a term of each student.


Language(s) for instruction & discussion; Others