Year 2017 Term Spring Day Monday Period 5 Credit 2 Code 204
Course Title Development Statistics
Major DID
Program Program in Economic Development Policy and Management
Instructor(s) FUJIKAWA, Kiyoshi
Purpose & Description
This is an introductory statistics course for social sciences, especially for development economics. Lectures will cover basic theories and applications of regression analysis.Computer assisted practical exercises are given by using EXCEL and SPSS. Supplementary lectures on basic mathematics, probability and statistics are provided for those who need them.


01 Introduction to Ms-Excel: Table and Graph 
02 Mathematical and staistical functions of Ms-Excel
03 Exercises for Ms-Excel manipulation
04 Pivot table and pivot table
05 Probability and Distribution
06 Sample distribution
07 low of large numbers and centeral limt theorem
08 Estimation of mean, variance, and ratio
09 Test of mean, variance, and ratio
10 Chi square Test
11 Review of statisitical test 
12 Regression analysis
13 Test of regression coefficeit parameters
14 Introduction to SPSS
15 Statistical test by SPSS

Texts & References

Business Statistics: A First Course, 6th Edition, Pearson (Levine/Krehbiel/Berenson)


Term end report 80% and prticipation in the class 20%

Language(s) for instruction & discussion; Others

The lectures are given mainly in English