Year 2017 Term Spring Day Wednesday Period 4 Credit 2 Code 103
Course Title Preparatory Seminar for GSID Overseas Fieldwork
Major Common Subjects
Instructor(s) Ueda (Coord.)
Purpose & Description

This seminar series aims to provide participants in OFW with basic information about the country of study, background of field sites and fieldwork methods. All the OFW participants are required to take this course for credit. Classes will be given by resource persons both within and outside GSID.



The seminar schedule will be announced in the first class, whose date is given at the OFW guidance held in April 12, 14:45-16:15 at Auditorium.

Five classes will be devoted to provide background of the country of study, field sites, and materials regarding subjects of study, such as povety reduction, local government, education & culture, gender & migration and related topics in the field. Other classes will be devoted to fieldwork methods and short exercises, which can be used by study groups in the field.

All groups are expected to present their research question on 14 June and the field research plans on 5 July.


Texts & References

Hand-outs will be distributed in class.


Grades will be assessed based on the following criteria:
Class Participation - 40%
Group Work and Presentation - 60%

Language(s) for instruction & discussion; Others