Year 2017 Term Fall Day Thursday Period 4 Credit 2 Code 117
Course Title Lecture on International Development I (International Migration Theory)
Major Common Subjects
Instructor(s) Asakawa
Purpose & Description

   The purpose of this class is to have deep understanding of the global movement of people, which is becoming much more active in the phenomenon of globalization.

   In this class, wide range of historical and contemporary issues related with international migration will be considered through active discussion among participants.

   To understand the current immigration issues, Australian news on immigration related topic will be introduced at every class.


2.Basic theory of international migration
3.Governance of Migration Policy
4.South-South Migration
5.Asylum (refugee) Migration
6."Migration" from Japan to North Korea
7.Unskilled Migration
8.Demography and Migration
9.Education and Migration
10.Student Migration
11.Health and Migration
12.Migration and Remittances
13.Irregular Migration
14.Fiscal Impact of Migration

15.Skilled Migration Policy

Texts & References

Necessary texts are provided.


Participation to discussion(30%), Presentation (70%)

Language(s) for instruction & discussion; Others

Mainly in English, but Japanese should be used if necessary

Students wish to register this class must attend the first class. If a student failed to attend the first class and still wishes to register, he or she must obtain prior approval.